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Corporate Housing for Government & Military Personal 

Pleasant stay  Corporate Housing Houston & San Antonio welcoming all military and government personal to stay at one of our wonderful fully furnished with all bills paid apartments, we specialize in relocation and short term stays and we will take care of all your needs during your stay with us.
We understand that in order to preform your duty well you need someplace to relax after long day  you spent working. Its our mission to provide you a furnished apartment, take care of the bills, maintenance and all other distraction you may en count during your stay. We understand that government organizations need to account for every dollar.  Our experience working with US State and Federal Government employees, Civilian Contractors, Military, and members of Foreign Embassies allows us to help you stay within the TDY, GSA, and PCS per diems. Government employees and military personnel face unique challenges when it comes to making travel and housing arrangements. Rules and requirements around accommodations make it important to have a trustworthy source for temporary housing needs when attending to off-site business or relocation.
Our spacious furnished apartments are supported by full amenities—we take care of the details so that guests can stay focused on other priorities. Our rentals are stylishly designed and immaculately appointed.

We provide fully equipped kitchens and baths, in-house laundry, housekeeping service, and building luxuries such as fitness centers, swimming pools, decks, and lounges in some locations. What’s more, our apartments are in close proximity to shopping, dining, and transportation in metropolitan hubs the world over.
Using H.C.H Houston Corporate Housing will give you a home feeling with personal service.

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