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Best Colleges For Your Money - Houston is on The Map

It is not a secret that many of Houston Corporate Housing and furnished apartments customers are college students that are coming in for all over the U.S Want to know why... Rice University in Houston is the top Texas school on Money’s latest list, “Best Colleges for Your Money 2017.”

The ranking evaluates colleges based on 27 factors in three categories: educational quality, affordability and alumni success. Click through the slideshow to see how 19 Texas schools ranked on Money’s list of 711 colleges nationwide.

To be included, colleges had to have sufficient graduation rates or fall in the top 25 percent of Money’s “value-added” graduation analysis, meaning those with unusually high graduation rates compared with schools that serve students with similar test scores and socioeconomic backgrounds. The list excludes schools with at least two signs of financial difficulty and military academies that require a commitment of service in exchange for free tuition.

Money’s analysis found that Rice students report an average salary of $63,100 within five years of graduating, which is 16 percent more than those from schools that offer similar majors. Rice’s graduation rate of 91 percent supports its standing as one of the most elite private colleges in the Southwest, according to Money.

The estimated full price for students in the 2017-2018 school year is $62,700, per Money, but 54 percent of students receive grants. For those who receive aid, the estimated price is $24,300, and the average price for low-income students is $7,200. About 49 percent of Rice’s low-income students become upper middle class, per Money.

The University of Houston was the only other Bayou City college in the analysis, ranking seventh among the 19 Texas schools on the overall list.

Meanwhile, the University of Texas at Austin was the only Texas school to make the value-added specialty list, ranking No. 38 out of 43. It also made the list of " 50 Best Public Colleges," along with Texas A&M University, which took the Nos. 18 and 20 spots, respectively. They were also the only Texas schools on the specialty list of the 50 " Best Colleges for Business Majors," with A&M at No. 23 and UT in a four-way tie for No. 24. A&M was the only Texas school on the “ 50 Best Colleges You Can Actually Get Into” specialty ranking, at No. 7.

However, 11 Texas schools made the specialty list of the " 50 Best Colleges in the South." They are:

  • No. 2: Rice

  • No. 8: UT Austin

  • No. 9: Texas A&M

  • No. 20: Trinity

  • No. 26: UT Dallas

  • No. 28: UT El Paso

  • No. 29: University of Houston

  • No. 35: Texas Tech University

  • No. 39: St. Edward’s University

  • No. 47: Southern Methodist University

  • No. 50: University of Dallas

H.C.H Houston Corporate Housing will continue to grant affordable prices and special furnished apartments service to all the student guests and will make all the effort to provide them the space they need and quiet safe stay.

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