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Decorating a Furnished Apartment

Decorating a furnished apartment can be just as much fun as starting from scratch. With a bit of imagination and creativity, follow these tips to make the space uniquely your own, even when it chock full of furnishings.

1. Pick Your Favorite Colors

Pick your favorite colors from the existing decor. With a furnished apartment there are likely some things that you cannot change, such as the carpeting and the wall color. Therefore, go with it, picking your favorite colors from what’s already there. If you aren’t keen on those colors, try to pick matching ones. You will want to use these when picking out accessories.

2. Rug Decor

Pick out a rug that will compliment the walls and furniture, if you don’t like the carpet. With a rug, you can totally change the look of a furnished apartment, yet it can be easily removed, leaving the apartment exactly how you found it, ugly carpet and all.

3. Rearranging for a New Look

Rearrange the furniture to suit your needs in the room. Just because an apartment comes furnished, it doesn’t mean that the furniture has to stay in exactly the place you found it (unless that is desired by the landlord and stated specifically in the contract). Have fun by enlisting the help of a strong friend and rearranging the room. (corporate housing Houston)

4. Getting Creative

Get inexpensive materials from a craft or sewing store. By getting raw cloths, you won’t be spending a lot of money on pre-cut and sewed blankets and table cloths that are only to be used temporarily. Pick out material that matches your furnished place. Then throw the material over unwanted furniture as though it’s a table cloth. It will look just as nice, and you can double up or layer it as needed. Then, you’ll have an instant table space, while hiding any unneeded or unwanted furniture. (corporate housing Houston)

5. Personalizing Your Space

Try stuffed animals of your favorite character and larger things as decor to express yourself. Smaller things are usually used for apartment decor, but, if you have a furnished apartment, you may not want to move in all of your things from storage. However, you want to make a mark and have your own personality and interests present, in order to feel at home. (corporate housing Houston)

6. Wall Decor

Put up posters on the walls with removable adhesives. You can now find those at any hardware of household mart or even Target. In doing so, you can put your own art on the wall, while still being able to easily take it down. Use posters, as they’re inexpensive and easy to replace and remove from the wall. (corporate housing Houston)

7. Substituting Furniture

Use unconventional spaces as bookshelves. If a furnished apartment does not come with bookshelves, you’ll still need a space to store your movies and books. Feel free to throw a bookend on any flat surface and transform it into a bookshelf, even if it’s right by your television.

8. Themed Rooms

Choose a great theme for the room, being sure to pick out bed-sheets and comforters that accentuate the colors of the walls, rugs or carpets that you enjoy. The more outrageous you are in sticking to your own interests, the more at home you’re likely to feel. (corporate housing Houston)

9. Kitchen Decorating

Use the kitchen for creative expression as well. When renting a furnished apartment, putting more of your things in the kitchen can make you feel more at home. If you have a small end table that doesn’t go with the rest of the furnished apartment, you may put it in the kitchen and create a little display in the kitchen. (corporate housing Houston)

10. Asking for the Changes You Need

Keep in mind that furnished apartments can usually be slightly adapted. If you really hate one of the pieces of furniture, ask the landlord about storing it elsewhere or replacing it. (corporate housing Houston)

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